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The Tempest

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NRG Speech Enabled Environment Monitoring Tool designed for Paranormal Researchers

  • ENVIRO page – Environmental Readings including Temperature, Humidity, Dew point, and Barometric Pressure
    On this page there is an option to turn on an alarm that will give a voice alert indication along with changing
    the temperature reading to RED until the alarm is turned off or the temperature returns to being within the set point.
  • NRG Speech page – This page will initiate the NRG speech function that will utilize the mix of environmental and
    E Field detection to move the word pointer to one of the many words or phrases, etc. that are selectable on the device.
    By using the Mode button, you can go between the 10,000 most spoken English words to 29000 English Words and Phrases,
    Phrases Mode and Alpha Mode. Using the Clear Button, you can clear the history and Current Word Windows.
  • E Field Page – This page will show you the static E Field in estimated mV/m (millivolts per meter) being detected near field to the unit.
    The meter will show a visual representation on the bar graph (higher level indicated on bar graph at 200 due to exposure. However, the unit will measure up to 4096mv) of the measured static millivolts per meter.
    (This is not a Magnetometer, but can be affected directly by fluctuating magnetic EMF)
  • Internal Real Time Clock for keeping the time even after power off. Unit will be ready within seconds of power on
    without having to adjust the time from the settings page!
  • Internal Battery is a LiPo 3.7v – 500mah Battery, Normal run time is 3-5 Hours depending on usage.
  • Micro-SD card logging will be done if a microSD card is detected. Logs are written to the card ~ every 1 second. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND a HC class 10 or similar high speed SPI micro-SD card. Device overall performance will be impacted by using lower quality cards.
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